Apparently I Have Taken Pictures!

1:18:00 PM

This weekend I was taking pictures of my actual Pinterest Success and suddenly my camera was telling me that the memory card was full. I was amazed to see that I actually have taken more pictures the last few months. Most of them were just getting used to the new camera Brett got me, but some of them turned out okay. So here we go, with our *really old* adventures!

Starting with the oldest.....
Just before Christmas we headed up to Temple Square in Salt Lake to check out the lights. The whole time I have lived in Utah I had never made the yearly journey it seems like the whole state does during this time. It was good to do something different one night and I always love going places with Brett. Sadly, it was frigid, so there aren't many pictures. Way to cold to hold the camera long. 

Over Christmas some of our friends got married in the Portland Temple. We were lucky enough to be there to support them, while spending a couple days with Brett's parents across the river. The only sad thing while we were there was that I gave up my lifelong residency in Idaho. I now have a Washington license. Really I am not too sad, and I know Brett was more than excited. 
Brett, Jesse (groom), and Tyler...they all might as well be brothers.
Even though I may not have grown up with Emily, like the boys did, at least I can say we were friends before we dated best friends. 
Outside the Portland Temple. It is a beautiful building, definitely one of my favorites.  

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