How Did We Ski in April?

8:03:00 AM

Free ski passes. That's how. Since I'm the receptionist at work now, when Sundance brought a huge stack of free passes only good for a week, I ended up with a couple of the extras. We had a blast up on the mountain. It was super warm, and we got a little sunburned, but at least we weren't frozen!

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  1. Looks awesome! I'm jealous... of your fun day and the fact that you can ski at all. :)

  2. Great memories! During our Senior year, Dave was also an instructor for the BYU Ski School at Sundance. Yes, he even taught ME to ski. No, I wasn't an exceptional student but he fell in love with me anyway. I'm so happy that you and Brett were able to enjoy a day at Sundance together! Good, good times.