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So Brett and I have this friend Justin. He is huge into two things: politics and movies/celebrities. We have spent so much time with Justin over the last year or so that I now have more knowledge about movies than I ever thought that I would. For example, when people start talking about the Batman Trilogy, it almost always gets brought up that we aren't too sure about the choice of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman (I personally can't get past Princess Diaries). That conversation always ends with me saying something like "I don't know about it, but I do know that I trust Christopher Nolan, so I can still be excited." This then lapses into a very detailed conversation about directors, Rotten Tomatoes, actors previous movies and other very detailed things that have nothing to due with my usual talk of who is cuter and who just did a good job. I am now a movie nerd. An incident comes to mind when my mom and sister were in Utah helping me pick a wedding dress and in the car from Provo to Payson I realized I was giving very deep background on movies and that they didn't care. I'm trying to get better. I say all this mainly so I can say the things I was excited for at the start of summer.

  1. Summer in general
  2. Going Camping
  3. Going to Park City
  4. The Hunger Games
  5. The Avengers
  6. The Dark Knight Rises
Mind you, other activities come up that in the moment or the weeks before I am just as excited for, but in this spring, this was my list. Why do I show this list? Avengers tonight. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I know, I may be taking this overboard, but I am okay with that. The only movies that I give permission to be better than Avengers is going to be the Batman Trilogy.

As proof of just how far Brett and I have taken this little hobby of ours, here is a picture from last summer, the day after we went to the midnight premier of X-Men First Class.

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  1. Not caring and not knowing who/what in the world you were talking about are two completely different things! lmL
    Have fun tonight.