The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

8:26:00 PM

A few months ago my mom and younger siblings came into town to stay with us for a few days. During those days my mom gave me a new book to read. She had already read it and thought I'd love it, which is true. My favorite kinds of books are historical fiction, and my favorite time period for these historical fiction books is during World War II and the immediate decades following. I talked about my favorite series a while ago in this post and I am adding this book to my collection. The book itself is written in a different format that originally I didn't like. Once you get a few pages in though, you don't even notice it, and it adds to the genius of the story.

The Book Thief follows the childhood of an innocent girl living in Germany during the war. It covers everything from her most recent soccer game to actual historical events. I had never read anything from this perspective before and I thought it was very interesting. 

Don't worry, there are details I am keeping to myself, but once you have read it, let me know so we can have a chat!

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