Going Right

10:00:00 AM

Three things in life that are going pretty right:

  1. I'm into a groove with school. During the summer BYU breaks the summer semester into two terms that are only 6 weeks long. The students and the teachers are more relaxed, but the short time makes it so that as soon as you are comfortable with your schedule suddenly it is time to think about finals again.  It's crazy to think that just a month ago I took finals, and I take them again in a little over 2 weeks.
  2. Work has become less stressful. Over the last 9-10 months I changed positions from a part time receptionist to an as-many-hours-as-you-aren't-in-school recruiting specialist. The past several weeks I have been pushing 30 hours of work while taking the equivalent of 18 credits, so I was running a little thin. The good news is that my boss just hired another girl that is also taking classes and we are going to be able to each work 20 hours instead of me working 30 and not finishing everything. It is amazing to see that 10 hours of work go away and be able to accomplish so much more at home and school. 
  3. Drinking lots of water and exercising. I am planning on talking more about this in about a month when we all hit our halfway mark on New Year Resolutions. For now lets just say that it is making a huge difference in my mental well being. Also, the human body is amazing. I am in no ways back in the kind of shape that I used to be, but watching the progress is motivating. 
Picture by Kirsten and more found here.

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