When Books Become Movies

7:54:00 AM

I have a confession. I love books. If I could spend all my time on a porch or in a hammock with crystal light and a book I would be a happy girl. Maybe not all my time, but each opportunity I get to do this I get so relaxed and feel so much happier in general.

This love of books is so intense that I have an entire Pinterest Board dedicated to libraries, book lists, and quotes about reading. The following shows perfectly how I feel with each book I read.

For this reason I am always torn inside when one of my favorite books becomes a movie. I am excited to see a story I love so much become shown through people in a way that I could enjoy in only a couple of hours. On the other hand, I am worried that because it is only a couple hours it will not be enough time to do the story justice. I am also afraid of having my imagination shattered by having the movie show different images than I have imagined for years

These are all the thoughts going through my head as I watch the trailer for Ender's Game. This has been one of my favorite books since I was really young, and there has been talk of turning it into a movie for years. Secretly, I have always been okay with the fact that there wasn't a movie because it let me think of it myself. That is going to change. I am really excited to see how they do it and how it compares to what I see in my mind. Also, Brett and I do love Harrison Ford, who plays a major role, so that is exciting.

If anyone wants to read only one book I ever recommend, please read this one, especially before you watch the movie in November.

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