Good Weather and Good Friends

7:44:00 AM

When the weather starts to get warm I think there is nothing better to do than to spend time outside. Utah evenings are my favorite time for this. During the day might hit 90 degrees, but the time from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm is perfect. Naturally we needed  an excuse to do something that only takes a couple hours, so we voted for going shooting! We brought another couple with us and between the two couples we had a shotgun and 3 handguns so it was a great time.

Missy, Jason, and Brett. The learning curve for hand throwing a clay pigeon is somewhat large, and it increases when your thrower is brand new. We probably went through as many pigeons trying to throw them as we shot at.

Look at my husband shooting like a boss. Also, I give you one guess as to what university he attends based off the shirt he is wearing. Brett is a big believer in the idea that if a piece of clothing is cheap and comfortable he will wear it. Not necessarily a bad thing, but this shirt is a little ridiculous.

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  1. Remember when that old man in Walmart was rude to me about my Y shirt. I treated him with an over abundance of kindness and watched him squirm when he realized what a jerk he was. I'm afraid I had more fun with that than a good christian woman aught to have had!

    1. Oh my gosh yes! That isn't just a BYU thing though. People hate on each other's schools all the time.

      Lovin' Lee Life

  2. i love summer evenings.
    and i will email you back this weekend, sorry im so slow


  3. That is totally the thing! There is no way that any of us would wear an old high school shirt because people would make fun of us. So why would he buy the shirt with the biggest Y possible!