Texas Sheet Cake

4:00:00 AM

Yesterday afternoon Brett emailed me and said he wanted brownies or some other sort of sweet treat to eat after dinner. Of course I had to comply. What happened was interested though. We didn't have brownie mix, and I didn't want to get one, so naturally my next step would be to jump to making a Texas Sheet Cake. Obviously that would be the simpler option. Lucky for me, it was easy with the directions I found.

I found an easy recipe on Pioneer Woman and it was so wonderful! I love using recipes from the Pioneer Woman and do so pretty frequently. The only change I made was that I didn't put nuts in the frosting.


This was so delicious and fairly quick to make! Although this time I had way to much cake and ended up taking some to the neighbors, this might have to become a stable dessert in the Lee house. Or maybe not because I will do nothing but eat it.

The best part of the evening is that we got to eat our cake while watching The Incredibles with Brett's brother (Don't worry, all of us are above the age of 22). What is better than eating dessert and watching a Disney/Pixar movie? Just about nothing in my book.

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