Satisfied with a Book-to-Movie Adaptation

5:00:00 AM

We saw the Ender's Game movie. A few months ago I expressed some hesitation about this story becoming a movie, but I have no large complaints! Of course there are parts of the story that get left behind, but I honestly think they did about as good as they could in about 2 hours. I missed the character development, I missed how young Ender is really supposed to be at the beginning and how long he trains, and I missed how involved his brother and sister really are with the entire plot. These points that I miss so much were not necessary in the version of the story the movie told, and therefore I am not upset.

If anything, watching the movie just made me want to read the book again, but not in frustration, but rather in renewed excitement.

And of course I loved the date night!

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  1. We also liked the movie. Thanks for having me read the book first-- so glad I did. By the way, this picture of you and Brett on the park bench MUST be made into a Christmas card. It is fantastic!