Thanksgiving in Grace

5:00:00 AM

Just like last year Brett, my sister, and I were able to meet my family at my grandma's house for Thanksgiving. All my extended family was able to make it there so it was nice and crowded, just as Thanksgivings with family should be.

Once again, with Grandma's house too small to keep everyone inside for too long, we made it outside with the shotguns. The older my younger siblings get, the less I think I am such a good shot. I am still all right, but man, they are good too!

This years pictures were a little bit fuzzy, but so many of us participated this year that it is impossible not to include.

Brett dominated, sadly nobody can beat my 19-yr-old sister, but still. Brett got me out in clay pigeon horse a couple times.

My dad has always been great helping the younger cousins and kids learn how to shoot the right way and not be scared. That is the biggest thing I can stress. Sometimes when people hear that I grew up with so many guns around they think my parents are crazy. We were raised to respect and understand how the gun works, what can go wrong, and not to be afraid, but confident in where our abilities and safety skills are. If that means you still need someone to help you load it, there is no shame, or if you are older and experienced you can help others. Whichever side of the scale you are on, it is open communication, honesty, and teamwork.

These are my two sisters that are so amazing. I do not even want to talk about how many times the one in the back won horse. Lets just let it rest with her winning more than anyone else.

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  1. Fun times. I am with you though, I used to think I was a good shot... I have been humbled!