Hello Again for 2014!

5:15:00 PM

I know, it has been 2014 for six whole days. And I am fine with that.

Brett and I take our Christmas Break very seriously (I know that might sound silly since you don't really get a Christmas Break from the real world. Don't worry, we still worked as much as we could and exercised). This being the case, I decided to take a break from as much as possible, just to get a change of routine. This meant that I didn't even think about blogging again until now.

But now here we are. We made it back from the holidays safely and are actually ready to get going on school again. Which just happened to start today.

We have loved relaxing between days with no worries. We have watched lots of movies, played lots of games and eaten exorbitant amounts of food. This is a no-judgement zone though, so that's okay!

Pictures and fun things to come, I promise!

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