The Day I Struggled to Be an Adult

9:00:00 AM

This all happened in one (exhausting) day-
  1. Lost my phone: We have a small one bedroom apartment. I remember using it at 10:30 on the couch, then we I went to leave for school the next morning it was nowhere to be seen. We spent 20 minutes ripping the living room apart trying to find it before we were going to be too late to class. *note: we found it! It had fallen off the arm of the couch into Brett's bag of basketball gear and we found it when we went to the gym.
  2. Cut a chunk out of my thumb: At least it was for the children, right? I was volunteering in a kindergarten classroom and was helping prep for the 100th day of school celebration. My job was to cut the centers out of card stock "100" glasses the kids would decorate and wear. The centers are too hard for the little hands, but apparently for me too. While trying to poke the scissors through the card stock I totally sliced my finger. Three Band-Aids and an hour later it had finally stopped bleeding. 
  3. Didn't do homework: Somehow when I put all my assignments into my planner for the semester (my planner runs my life) I missed an assignment. No idea how. Found out the night before it was due, so I was able to whip something together, kinda. 
I can't tell you the last day I struggled like this. 

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