A Two Part Post About Books

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Part One: A Book Review

The Mortal Instruments and the The Infernal Devices-Cassandra Clare

I read the Mortal Instruments first as a recommendation from a sister in law, and they were great. It is a real-life fantasy story about a girl in New York finding out that all the myths and stories (the good and the bad) are true and that things are not that rosy. She gets interconnected into this "Shadow World" and saves the day several times. Of course, since it is young adult fiction, there has to be the love interest and love triangle thing going on too. There is one more book left to come out this summer, and I have to be honest and say that I am somewhat sick of reading them, but yet I have to know the end. I have a problem with needing to know the end of a story. Once I start a series, I have to finish it, no matter how bored I am by the time it ends.

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The Infernal Devices is a prequel series to the Mortal Instruments that I actually enjoyed more than the original series. There is not as much of the modern teenage angst, the story is back far enough that it is different characters, and its only a trilogy. Hooray for the classic trilogy! Series burnout is a real thing, see the above paragraph.

Part Two: General Book Thoughts

Not only is series burnout a real thing, but I would like to propose my own term-genre burnout.

I need something new to read. There have been so many books lately that are about a normal teenager being pulled into a fantastical world and having to save the day using a secret mythical talent they didn't know they had until a large climatic moment. They also have a little too much teenage angst, love triangle, life isn't fair, kids-save-the-day-because-adults-made-the-problem attitude, and predictability. On a similar note, just because one of these books sells a lot of copies does not mean it needs to be a movie.  We have Percy Jackson, Twilight (yes I am including it on this list, I admit that I read them in high school), Hunger Games, Moral Instruments, Divergent, and more. Too much!

So there it is. So many people keep telling me that I need to read the Divergent books, but I just can't bring myself to do it. I am suffering from genre-burnout.

If anyone else has another book to recommend I am in need of some suggestions.

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  1. Atlas Shrugged would be a good one since you have all summer to do it. The Count of Monte Cristo, How Green was my Valley, or I am Malala, would be good too.