First Day of Spring

8:52:00 AM

Today is the first day of spring. Here in Utah it may not really feel like it, but at least we now know there is hope! As I was thinking of how much I love spring, I realized that I also love summer, and fall, and winter even. Apparently I just like all the seasons. I guess that comes from always living in places where I get to experience all four every year.

So many amazing things are planned for this spring. We will finish classes, visit family, move, explore a new city, and start two new jobs all before the official first day of summer hits us.

Luckily I love the rain, because the season and our soon-to-be new home are famous for it! Speaking of which, I found this painting online and have fallen in love with it! If you follow this link there are others as well. I just love the way it shows the rain, but in such bright fragmented colors. I was hoping it cost a little less so we could have it in Seattle, but alas, maybe in the future.

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