The End of an Era

12:04:00 PM

So tonight is the series finale of How I Met Your Mother. I am so excited, so sad, and so sentimental at the same time. Here is why.

EXCITED: how could you not be? to see how your favorite TV show will end. I mean come on! When will Ted meet the mother already! Actually, we know when, and we know how, we just need to see it happen. And I am stoked. I can't decide if I want it to be romantic, hilarious, or terrible. I think I will just be happy with anything at this point.

SAD: the end of the show. It is always sad when something ends. And yet it is still just a TV show. Am I the only one though that gets attached to fictional characters? Be it a book, or TV/movie?

SENTIMENTAL: Could I watch this finale on my own within the next several hours? Yes. But am I going to? Nope. One of my very best friends introduced me to the show, we watched it together all the time, and even after I got married, we would talk about them afterward when we couldn't watch together. Well now she is back from serving an LDS mission in San Francisco and will be back in Utah in about a week. So, because I am sentimental, I am waiting for her. I feel like we started it together and I want to finish it together too. I can't wait!

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