The Saturday Night that Just Wouldn't Happen

9:00:00 AM

Before we begin the ridiculousness of our Saturday, enjoy this adorable picture of my husband with our niece and nephew. We babysat them last week so naturally Brett had to watch the Avengers cartoon with them. 

Here is the sequence of events we got over the weekend.

Saturday morning we woke up later than we really had time for (we stayed up way too late watching Hunger Games with Matt & Hannah), getting to the library at 9:15 am to work on homework. Brett started his online midterm and 7 1/2 hours later he finally finished. 

That afternoon I ran to the grocery store for a 'quick couple things' and naturally forgot half of what we needed. Typical, right?

Then we headed out to the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference where we were able to make up for some of the frustration of the day. 

After that ended, we wanted to relax with a date night to the dollar theater. Now here is where it starts to get ridiculous. 

We show up to a 9:35 movie (we still want to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and got through all the previews, our popcorn was almost half gone, and the lights turn on. Honestly, we were at the dollar theater where things like this happen quite often and you just roll with it. If you literally pay $1.25 then you can't complain about the crappy theater. So we waited for the lights to turn off. Then suddenly an employee walks to the front and announces that they are actually stopping the movie and are evacuating the building. Apparently, the sewage line got backed up, was flooding both bathrooms, and everyone had to leave. Luckily we aren't out $3.00 because they will honor our tickets again any time. 

So here we are, 9:50 with no movie plans. We hit up the gas station, check the Red-boxes, and a different movie we wanted isn't in either of the machines. So we head home and start to begin the process of picking what we will watch at home. After the 30 minute process of weeding out options on Netflix we settle on a comic book movie. After online streaming gets to the point where the voices and mouths are off, we realize that we actually have a hard copy of the movie and don't need to stream it. What were we thinking! So we switch to that.

Before going to the movie theater, Brett hit up a vending machine for a diet Coke, which he cracked open at home, took a sip, and spit it out. It was the warmest, flattest soda he had ever tried to drink. So then he moved on to the Starbursts he got, also from the vending machine. Turns out that those were old and nasty too. 

Halfway through the movie we both realized that we were exhausted and that it was way late. After going through the process of going home, picking a movie, switching movies, and laughing about diet Coke we burned all our relaxing movie time. 

So we went to bed. We still have to finish the last half of our movie. 

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  1. It happens, sometimes all at once! Now we all want to know the really important stuff...What is up with that huge remote?