Things That Bring Back a Memory

9:00:00 AM

Everyone has their list of things that bring back certain memories, certain thoughts, and certain feelings. With the change of seasons coming upon us seemingly earlier than normal here in Utah, some of these things are coming back to me.

The smells of spring are my favorite. There is a smell of dirt and greenery that is amazing, mixed with the smell of moisture. It intensifies when I have to walk across a piece of grass and I can feel that the top of the ground is soft, but still frozen underneath. The smell and the feeling of the grass take me back to the beginning of softball every year, the start of that summer’s lawn mowing, the first excited backyard parties, and first cold night of sleeping in the backyard. And always having lived near a mountain and watching the winter change to spring from a distance.

Music also takes me back. Sometimes it is the hymns my mom used to play on the piano. Other times it is ridiculous 90's songs reminding me of dancing in the kitchen with my sisters when we were supposed to be doing the dishes. It might be a country song that brings back thoughts of driving a pickup with the windows down. Again with the dancing in the kitchen, but a song with a good beat and my roommates making cleaning checks fun. More recently it is a song from a road trip with my husband and the contest to see who can sing the loudest while getting all the words.

Just some sentimental thoughts on my mind as of late.

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  1. That's super funny, "Pick up Man" came on my pandora the other day. Remember that ridiculous dance we made up to it when we were supposed to be doing dishes?