A Day of Blessings

7:07:00 AM

I am a planner. I like having my lists and working towards an end goal. Sometimes I can't keep control of a situation and it stresses me beyond belief. I like to be in control. So the last several weeks have been hard.

Two important things needed to happen in order for us to financially justify moving to Seattle. We knew we need to make this move for Brett's career, but how could we possibly live somewhere so expensive with such little income? I get a job, and we sell our apartment contract for where we live in Provo. One means making enough to pay the bills, the other not having to pay double.

Today is Wednesday. We leave on Thursday. Both of those things finally happened last night. Talk about a close call. But, you know what? They happened.

In situations like this I try to do my best to remember that blessings come to those who live in a way to be deserving. Blessings also come when you recognize them. I could just look at the events of today and think that it was just the dozens of jobs I applied for, or that the right person finally looked at our job posting. Or I can look at the whole experience as an exercise in faith, knowing that everything would work out for us in the end.

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