On What is Most Important

4:00:00 AM

Today is Easter. It comes with any number of traditions. Family time, Easter Eggs, gifts, full spread of wonderful dinner, any number of things. With so much excitement it is also important to remember why celebration is initially in order.

Easter. The celebration of new beginnings. The celebration of redemption. The celebration of a second chance.

My testimony is simple, but strong. I know that my Savior lives. I know that he sacrificed himself for the sake of the world, so that we, as sons and daughters of God can choose to use our agency in a way that will eventually allow us to live with our Heavenly Father. This is the basis of the gospel of Jesus Christ, of Christianity.

This knowledge helps me get through whatever tough times I may have. Trials happen to everyone, and we have the choice to turn it into a learning experience rather than be bitter. In every way that I need, I can come to this knowledge for strength in so many ways. I find this strength by seeing the love, dedication, perseverance, self-sacrifice, priorities, and the ability to look to the long term exemplified through Christ.

Because of Him, I can become better. Because of Him, I can find strength. Because of Him, I can have Eternal Life.

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