Setting a Big Goal

8:07:00 AM

I am a kind of person that needs a figurative finish line. I like to be working toward something tangible, something that will give me a measurable result. Keeping my eye on the prize can be very motivational for me. 

What about when there is no visible finish line? For example, what is the finish line for a healthy lifestyle where I keep my cholesterol under control? Is it a number that I can only check once or twice a year? But what if the number fluctuates? I don't want my self-worth tied to a number. 

I think the key is to create other finish lines along the way. Finish lines that will work together to keep me progressing in the direction I want to go. Isn't that all goals are? Achievable desires that take you one step closer to being the kind of person you want to be? 

I have reached some of my finish lines. I haven't had red meat or dairy (more on that here) and I am running and doing Pilates 5 days a week. Now it is time for the next goal. The next thing that will keep me progressing and not let me fall into complacency. 

So I decided to make one of my figurative finish lines into a real finish line. I decided to run a half marathon at the end of the summer. I can't believe I just said that. But it's true. And if I tell as many people as possible then I have to follow through not just for myself, but for other people too. 

It really is exciting though! I found a race near where we will be living in Seattle that doesn't happen until the end of August, a week before we come back to Utah. Its a surprisingly flat and wide trail around a watershed reserve. How cool is that! To run in a place where there is moisture and trees! And what better place to train for a half marathon than in the mild Seattle summers. I mean seriously, follow this link and look at that picture from a previous year. How could you not want to do that?

I will keep you posted on how training and everything goes. Brett agreed to run with me so that will be extremely helpful. I am looking forward to crossing this adventure off the list of possibilities and feeling the internal power that comes from accomplishing something that takes so much work. 

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