Mother's Day Trip

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Last weekend Brett and I decided to go visit my family. It was the perfect situation. We now only live 5 hours away instead of 12, Brett had to work an event during the week and therefore had to leave early, and it was Mother's Day.

Two catches. 1) Like I typically do, I for some reason didn't take any pictures of the weekend until we were in the car on the way home. 2) It was a surprise for my mom.


A five hour drive to the east where we watched beautiful Seattle disappear into plains covered in nothing, turning back into beauty with the Rocky Mountains. Every so often I would touch base with my dad, the only one who knew we were coming. He was a champ and worked with each bit of traffic we hit. It got to the point where he was stalling my mom so badly with things she wanted to do that she was getting annoyed, but forgot all that later.

When we pulled into my small hometown, my parents were at the grocery store down the street, so my dad came up with a plan to surprise/trick my mom even more. We pulled over to wait until they left their parking lot, then my dad had my mom call me, saying that I had tried to reach them. While we were chatting we turned left right in front of them, my dad pointed us out, and we waved, getting a wave back from my mom.

But she didn't recognize us. This is the conversation I hear over the phone.

Mom (to Dad): Who was that you pointed at? They waved at me, so I waved back.
Dad: Well who do you think? A couple driving a car with Washington plates [at this point we are in Idaho].
Mom: I don't know. That's why I asked you.
Me: Mom, you wave to strangers? Who do you think it was?
Mom: I don't know! You're dad won't tell me?
Me: Well do you know of anyone who might be excited to see you and wave a lot?
Mom (to dad): Haha! She is trying to pretend that it is her. She can hear our conversation.
Me: Mom. What if it is me.
Mom: Well if it isn't you are going to be in a lot of trouble. 

Luckily by this point they were following right behind us and we were pulling up to the house. After hugs and surprise from my siblings still living at home and my grandma who lives there as well, a night of snacking and talking began.


Once again I was reminded that my parents are champs. One of my sisters had to be on the bus to go to the state tournament for golf at 6 am, so my mom was up at 3 making the team fresh cinnamon rolls for the trip. Then we spent the rest of the day at a soccer tournament for the youngest sister. Did I mention that it was cold? Since my sister is only 12 and they shortened the times for the tournament, the game only lasted 60 minutes, including half-time, and by the end I was frozen. Then I remembered that my softball games in the same area, at the same time of year, could sometimes take 3 hours. And my family came to almost every one. So amazing.

That evening there was a plan to go out to the five acres of property my parents have to build a house on (but there isn't one there yet) to BBQ and shoot some archery before it got dark. So we stopped at the store, packed up a ton of food, got there, and the grill wouldn't light. So we went home and had it all inside. The youngest sister even made some s'mores for us in the oven, taking requests of Reese's cups or York patties with the marshmallow. Normally I am not the biggest fan of s'mores, but that Reese's cup made it delicious.


We had a relaxing morning, full of more cinnamon rolls, cards, gifts, and lots of conversation, then all headed out to attend church before heading home. By the time we got back and ate some lunch, it was time for us to leave again. Brett had to work the next morning and we still had that five hour drive back.

So this was when I decided to take pictures, because honestly the sunset we were driving into was beautiful. The sunset hit just as we were going through Snoqualmie Pass, one of the most beautiful places I have seen. We have plans to go camping there later this summer. I also decided to document how I keep myself occupied on these road trips. Three things, music, sunflower seeds, and crochet. Yep, crochet, like a grandma. I am currently using up all my spare yarn making a sampler blanket. It will be a little miss-matched in colors, but it was already miss-matched in pattern, so I figure that it will just be eclectic. Right?

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