Officially Starting My Summer Job

7:30:00 AM

So let me just start by saying that my work situation this summer has been more than a struggle. When Brett got his internship and we knew we were coming here I started applying to jobs like crazy. I was in the bad situation where I was looking for jobs out of state, and I knew they would be the kind of jobs where I might not be able to hold my spot if I tried too early. I knew I would need a job for a little under four months, that it needed to be as many hours as possible, and that I couldn't be too picky.

Let the months of disappointment begin. Anything that I could find was either too far away, not enough hours, or had start dates that wouldn't work for what I needed, either starting way to early or sometimes even way too late. Going to BYU means we leave school in the middle of April, which is great if you have a job lined up. However, the rest of the country still things college gets out a month (or more) later, so lots of positions for the summer didn't start until June.

So we get here at the beginning of May and I have a job offer for a position with that had one day of training in May but didn't start until June 14th, so I decide to keep looking. I buckled down and applied to all the jobs in our part of town that I can get to, getting several offers, but not able to give me full time, and still not starting for a few weeks. Then finally I have a grocery store hire me as a full time checker, so I tell the first job no. Only once I finished training and started working I can't actually get full time. The most they can see being able to give me in the foreseeable future is 30 and they had assumed that I would be cool with that since, you know, its summer and if I just work less hours then I don't have to ask for time off. Needless to say I was a little furious about this and in a little bit of a panic about my work situation.

Then I get an email from the position I declined. They knew I decided to stop in the process, but since they are short staffed they just wanted to give me the opportunity one last time. In fact, they were so short staffed that I could start immediately, not having to wait until June 14th. The best part is that compared to being a grocery store checker, the pay is better, hours are better, they pay half of a bus pass, and it is actually full time. Bam! Being able to start early tipped the scale of summer earnings just enough to put this one back ahead.

So for the last little bit I have been working as a housekeeper for the University of Washington. Each summer when the students leave the dorms get turned into a hotel service to accommodate the academic and professional conferences. May not be glamorous, but at least its work right? And I don't have to work nights so I can still see my husband when we get home. Replacing towels and making beds may not be a blast, but I honestly don't think it is any worse than dealing with rude people buying their groceries.

With all things considered, including the short length of the summer and what our short term goals have been for what we need out of this summer, I am just glad to be working as much as I can with a regular schedule.

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