Seattle Adventures: 13 Coins

7:00:00 AM

We recently had a couple of fantastic visitors stay with us for a couple days. Brad and Stephanie were our good friends and partners in crime in Provo over the last couple years. There have been dinners, movies, date nights, basketball nights, and even a concert with these two and we are sad to see them go. Brad was accepted to medical school at Duke University and they just made it to North Carolina. They spent the last week or so with family in Portland, and since Stephanie had never been to Seattle they came to spend one last go-round with us.

Naturally we needed to start the weekend with food. They got here in the afternoon and after doing their own tours while Brett and I finished work and we gathered and headed downtown. Brett and I had spent a couple days looking up places to eat that have lots of options (even for me), local, and somewhere we haven't been yet.

We ended up heading to 13 Coins, a 24 hour diner in downtown Seattle. Seeing the menu online it seemed like your regular run of the mill diner experience, but the interior was surprisingly posh. Dark wood, high backed leather chairs and booths, and the servers in ties made it feel a little more formal. The food options, however, got us nice and comfortable.I got excited when I saw how large their breakfast menu was, and that it was served all day! I am a huge sucker for breakfast food, always have been, always will be.

I ended up getting a Greek style omelet with egg whites only and it was surprisingly good. I have been wanting to try a good omelet this way for the last few months, and this was the perfect chance. And it was huge and came with hash browns on the side. I love hash browns. Brett and Stephanie got the manicotti and steamed broccoli, and I wish I could have had a taste. It smelled and looked fantastic! Brad got their chicken parmesan, which also got rave reviews from all at the table who tried it.

This is defiantly the kind of place we could see ourselves going back to. With so many options we can try something different every and never have to struggle. Another perk, free parking for the restaurant! Free parking is something that makes me really happy these days.

What do you think makes a good menu? Lots of options? A theme? Or prices?

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