4th of July in Camas

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We spent the weekend of the Fourth at Brett's parent's house in Camas, Washington, with a brother and his wife. It was a great weekend with amazing weather, even better food, and just the right of relaxation that is needed in order for a long weekend to not be exhausting.

We drove down after work on the third, looking at cars on the way (thank goodness we found one later) and made it just in time to hang out for a little bit before heading to bed. The fun started the next morning.

With spending all our free time looking for cars, it had been a couple days since we had been running so we got up, got our running clothes on, and went out for soda. What? Yep. The whole group of us loaded up for fifty cent fountain drinks. Then we went running. Brett grew up with LaCamas Lake just down the street and there is a great running path that he has always wanted to take me to. It was so beautiful and relaxing! I have finally gotten to where I enjoy running, and when the scenery is nice to look at it gets even better.

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Naturally after a run we need to o buy food, so we headed off to the cutest produce stand ever to get some stuff for grilling. From there on out, the rest of the day was pretty much just chilling however we wanted. Sometimes in a hammock, sometimes on the couch, sometimes on the floor, sometimes in the kitchen, and sometimes on the backyard basketball court. Then we grilled. And oh man did we grill. The amount of food we all ate can be seen as apalling, but we did it anyway. Hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and veggie kabobs, corn, potatoes, watermelon, bottle root beer.

By the time it got dark we were climbing out the dormer window to the roof to watch the fireworks in the neighborhood and even as far as Portland. The best part of being on the roof was that even my mother-in-law climbed up there. It was a little scary and steep at points, put totally worth it for the five of us to be up there together.

Overall, the day was too good to even document well. It was so relaxing and full of family and friends in the way that taking pictures would have ruined. So here we are, left with great memories from a wonderfully relaxing day that was exactly what we needed.

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