Seattle Adventures: Experience Music Project

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Last month when our friends Brad and Stephanie came to visit we decided to do something else tourist-y (as if going to the park with the view of the city doesn't fit that category enough). We decided that a museum would be the perfect way to do that, and since we all love music and movies we headed over to the Experience Music Project.

This museum was so much fun! They have a few permanent pieces, such as the Sound Lab, On Stage Experience, and the restaurants. At the time we went, they were showcasing the perfect exhibit to get Brett's attention, Nirvana: Taking Punk to the Masses. Brett loves this band, and since they are from the Seattle area it was the perfect combination for us to add the exhibit to our Seattle Experience.

Besides the Nirvana exhibit we loved seeing Spectacle (the evolution of music videos), and Block by Block (scaled Lego architecture), but my favorites were the collections of memorabilia from Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror film and television. These were fantastic and totally up my ally. They had so many things that I geeked out over and just wanted to show everyone. Poor Brett probably got so tired of hearing "Oh wow! Honey, look at this!"

the finale of the OK GO music video to This Too Shall Pass, check it out here, its pretty impressive. we spent a long time watching their music videos after we got home

Just to give you a taste here are some of the things found in the Fantasy Exhibit:

  • the coat worn by Sirius Black in Harry Potter
  • the Wicked Witch's hat from the 1939 Wizard of Oz
  • costumes from The Princess Bride worn by Buttercup, Wesley, and Inigo Montoya, along with Inigo's swords
  • several pieces of memorabilia from The Chronicles of Narnia movies including the mask for the Beast of Burden, the crown and scepter of the White Witch, and the bow and quiver used by Susan, along with others
  • and finally, making Brett a happy, happy guy, the costume worn by David Bowie in Labyrinth! 

The Science Fiction section also did not disappoint with pieces including:
  • A collectors edition of Dune (one of my favorite books I am thinking of re-reading)
  • one of Darth Vader's light sabers
  • guns from Men in Black
  • lots of stuff from Star Trek, including one of the captain's chairs from set
  • Ender's Game concepts
  • a model of the ship used in Independence Day

How could we not take a picture of us running at light speed? Even if we didn't quite line ourselves up right.

Of course we needed to finish off with a picture by the tornado of guitars before heading out.

One thing I have loved about getting to know Seattle this summer is how close everything actually in the city. Once we got a knack of how to get around downtown and a few maps we have been able to get a little bite of most of the neighborhoods. Almost everywhere you go you get a view of something else, whether it is the ocean, the Columbia Center Building, or like in this case, the Space Needle.

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  1. I really want to travel to Seattle one day soon! It always sounds like so much fun!