Payson 5k

11:38:00 AM

Last Saturday I spent the morning hanging out with Brett's sister and her cute family. They were participating in a free family 5k and were nice enough to let us know about it too. Since Brett ended up needing to work that day, it was just me, but hey, Brett didn't have a Wonder Woman T-shirt anyway.

Jason actually ran the race and did great pulling in at just over 26 minutes, while Laurel and I pretty much walked and talked, coming in at a time significantly longer than 26 minutes. :) And how could you not love walking through this kind of view first thing in the morning?

Even though I didn't run, which is something I have been doing for months now, it was a really enjoyable time. I like all of Brett's sisters and the fact that I could have some free time with any of them and we can fill in all the time with conversation and fun. Not to mention that Laurel's kids (like all my nieces and nephews) are adorable.

Ten days from today Brett and I will be actually running a 5k in Orem, and I can't wait to see what kind of time I can get when I put my legs into it.

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