Balboa Island Treats

8:00:00 AM

When we first moved her to California we new we had to go to Balboa Island and get a treat. Brett desperately wanted to get a frozen banana in celebration of one of his favorite shows, Arrested Development. He watched this as a teenager when it was first out, and continues to watch it, meaning now I watch it too. This is always our Christmas Break show and with only three seasons of episodes only 20 minutes long we don't come out the other side of a Netflix binge hating how much time we wasted.

I let Brett down a little when I decided not to get a banana, but I can never turn down a caramel apple. Never. And the ones from Too Sweet on Balboa Island are heavenly. We have been there twice now, and the toffee covered one is so amazing. Going to Balboa Island for a treat is something that will definitely be happening more often in the future. And if you come visit us you better believe we are taking you there.

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