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Now that we have been here for a while, I figured it was time to finally show our new apartment that we love so much. We have been so used to tiny, old, and impossible to keep clean college town apartments so we are absolutely loving all the space and windows this place has to offer! We are glad to feel so comfortable in a home that has space to grow with us for the next few years as we start out in this post-college stage of our lives. But enough of me talking, now you just need to see it!

When we moved we found this couch set at Goodwill for on $50 and they looked in great shape, so we naturally snagged them right up! They did however, pull the green color out of the wall paint (which started as a yellowish tan), so now we are on “control the green” actions. We are slowly accumulating some new pillows and a throw blanket to toss in there to break up some of that monotony.
Navy, Green, and Cream Bedroom

We are obsessed with the space in this bedroom! Since we now have a second room we can put our office things in, it's nice to have the the things in our master bedroom only be the things that belong in a bedroom. And the closet was big enough that we were able to hid Brett’s dresser in there so that it isn’t as obvious that none of our furniture matches! Right now the second bedroom just has a lone bookshelf, file cabinet, and desk. Its functional when we need to work on something, but mostly just open enough to fit a queen sized air mattress for visitors.

We have always wanted textured Navy bedding so this comforter was perfect. We focused on just getting some simple pillows that can help us transition into some lighter bedding details, like a bed skirt and some lighter accent pillows. The picture above the bed brings us back to our Pacific Northwest roots, so that was a nice touch of home to go with the navy, green and white theme we are looking for.

Overall we could not be more happy with our new home! We had to take a leap of faith with signing this place since we never got a chance to look at it while we were in Utah, but it has paid off! Over the next couple years I am sure some more small details will change and start to unify the different rooms, but for now we are settled in, and that is a wonderful feeling.

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  1. What a cozy apartment! The view overlooking your dining area must be lovely! And I'm in love with how comfy the lounge area is. I'm sure the family has a hard time leaving that sanctuary to go outside. Thanks for sharing, Robyn! All the best! :)

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes