My Sister's Wedding

5:50:00 PM

Back in April we were able to go to my hometown for my little sister's wedding. It was a wonderful experience being able to be back at the temple were Brett and I were sealed four years ago. We were lucky enough to live in the same town as Stephen and Brook while they were dating and engaged and It is such an amazing feeling to know that your sister married a great guy that makes her happy and know that before you even get to the wedding day.

Most of Stephen's family was able to come, other than his dad. His father is serving as Mission President in Peru, and was unable come back to the USA for another two years. He was missed by all, but he said repeatedly that he didn't mind being gone if it was only to allow two amazing young people be sealed in the temple, still surrounded by friends and family who love them and not postpone the happiness that comes from being married to the one you love. There was so much love and support throughout the day it was palpable.

The only downside (kinda?) was that it was an early spring day and a little rainy. When the rain wasn't actually falling it made for a beautiful backdrop of clouds, blooming flowers, and blossoming trees, but it also made are hair all a little flat! I have been waiting forever for my sister to finally relinquish her hold on this pictures and now that she has I have loved looking through them over and over. These are just a few of my favorites, but they all turned out beautifully thanks to her amazing photographer.

^^Bride and Groom's Family

^^Groom's Family

^^Bride and Groom's Parents

^^Bride's Family (The older we get, the more alike we look)

^^Her dress was absolutely killer. Its a little hard to see in the pictures, but the lace and button work on this dress is so incredibly detailed. It was stunning. 

^^The wedding day happened to be the same day as Senior Prom for another one of the sisters, so after all the official wedding activities were over, she got to sneak away to the dance, not before taking a few pictures with the photographer of course!

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