Explore California: Also Summit Hike

9:31:00 AM

When my brother and sister were visiting us for an extra day and a half from Northern Idaho, spending as much time enjoying the nice weather as possible was a given. They few hours we spent at the beach were nearly a requirement, but that wasn't enough. Brett got home from work early and took them on the Aliso Summit hike we did when we moved here a year ago.

The night before they did the full hike we all went as far as the first look out point while it's nice and flat for the stroller. That was when Brett got the idea to help get the teenagers out of the house. This area is one of our favorites to spend time in, and this particular hike is the far edge of a large wilderness area in the bottom of the canyon with fantastic walking and biking trails

All parties involved were impressed with the sunset, the weather, and my siblings were surprised by the amount of wilderness space and just how normal of a community we live in (more on that here). Going on even these small excursions never ceases to remind me how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful area. It's such a blessing, and one I've had my whole life living in Idaho, Utah, Seattle, and now California. 

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