Spring Break at Salt Creek Beach

9:30:00 AM

Well, its Spring Break time of year, and this time my family came to visit. Brett's parents, my parents, grandmother and two of my four siblings came to visit for Corinne's blessing day (more to come). Since it was the week of my siblings' spring break from high school and junior high, my parents decided to leave them with us for a couple extra days to enjoy their time in Southern California. Because of the way flights lined up, we had only one full day for fun, and Corinne was sick from all the visitors, but we were determined to make the day worthy of Spring Break. We talked it over and decided that since Corinne was a little iffy, we would commit to one big thing we could do for a couple hours, and anything after that would be lots of little adventures. The thing they wanted to make sure to do was swim in the ocean, something neither of them had ever done before!

The three kids ready ready for the start of fun! At this point Corinne was sleeping soundly so they took off to the water and I sat down with a book. What a heavenly 30 minutes!

They were a little surprised to realize that the water was still cold. The fact that it was windy wasn't much encouragement either. They came back to me and asked what I would count as swimming in the ocean and I said they at least had to get in up to their waist. Little Brother decided it wasn't worth it, but Baby Sister was determined. She did want to make sure that she had a fast escape, so rather than walking in deeper, she just sat down! I decided to let it count. 

It is my biggest goal (okay maybe not biggest) to get Corinne comfortable in the wrap or the Baby Bjorn carrier, so when she was happy for 20 whole minutes while we walked back and forth, I was in total heaven. I'm hoping she gets comfortable enough for us to carry her around during hikes and other activities when we have family visit next month and then have a family reunion the next month. 

Making it to the beach for a quick trip like this was great not just for my brother and sister, but also for me. I have been excited and terrified to take Corinne to the beach, but doing this small excursion showed me that it's possible and also let me find out what I did or didn't need to take with me. This next summer hanging out at the parks and beaches with all the other moms is going to be great!

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