Corinne Meets the Pool

12:22:00 PM

Obviously, we live in a part of the country where there is lots of water. The ocean, lakes, rivers, and pools in every neighborhood. I've been looking forward to introducing Corinne to the water since she was born, and even though it wasn't here in California like I thought it would be, we thought it would be fun to do it during a family reunion back in St. George, UT.

We had bought her a swimsuit we thought would fit by now, but since she is a giant baby that ended up not being the case. Luckily there are what seems like a thousand little girls that we know and I was able to borrow a 9 month sized swimsuit, which fit with no room to grow, when Corinne was 4 months old. Whatever, she's huge.

Corinne has always loved bath time in her little bath tub, so I figured she would love a giant tub. At first she locked up, her eyes got all big, and the lower we moved her in the water the higher she would raise her arms. Eventually she moved through the phases of fear and curiosity and settled at enjoyment. By the time she was floating in a little baby floaty the next day she was loving it.

We only snagged the one picture because we were having too much fun with our sweet babe. But luckily there are going to be plenty of pool and beach days in the future. And the older she gets the more fun it will be!

PS. I love that Corinne and Brett have the same color hair. I'm hoping that Corinne's stays dark like this and her eyes stay blue. By the time I was this age my hair had gone from dark to blonde, so I think there is hope.

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