Lee Family Pictures 2016

8:30:00 AM

Every two years Brett's mom plans a reunion for all of her children and their families. Part of this is always a big family picture and usually some pictures of the individual families as well. These usually end up being some of my favorites. I love having the time to prepare and make sure that we all are able to look good, especially after childbirth. It was sad that this year one of the families couldn't make it so there are a couple people missing, but we made it work with as many as we could.

The photographer was so great. She was fast, efficient, took large and small group shots, and the location that she had in mind for us was wonderful! The incredible thing about Utah is that there is so much to offer when it comes to outdoor landscapes, and Southern Utah with its red rock and impressive canyons was a great backdrop that I would never have considered until now. I love these pictures and can't wait to switch out some of the family shots throughout our apartment.

^ Eleven grand kids, and all of them are wonderful! I can't believe how much all these kids have grown up in the nearly five years Brett and I have been married. If its this much fun to watch your nieces and nephews grow, I can't imagine what it will feel like to look back at my own children.

^ Look at that handsome guy, holding a baby like a pro. I can't get over how much I love this little family of mine. Every day I am so grateful that this is the life I get to live. 

^ Dee Dee and Pop Pop. The legends themselves. Thanks for creating such amazing children. 

^ And half of my sisters. I got so lucky with Brett's siblings. I hear people talk about how its hard to be an "in-law" and not truly feel like a member of the family, but I have always felt just like one of the Lee girls and I love that I get to have these women as my sisters. 

So there you have it. I am so happy with how these pictures turned out and I can't wait to see how the family changes two years from now!

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