Summer Reading

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Oh the start of summer. Beach days and warm afternoons with a book are fast approaching. Since having a baby I have been so grateful that I enjoy reading so much. It is so easy to just pick up a book and read for a few minutes here and there instead of watching Netflix or scrolling through my phone. Plus, since graduating a little over a year ago, Brett has rediscovered his childhood love of reading too (now that he can do it for leisure, finally). I love that we can take some time in the evening to read, and I especially love getting to talk about books with him. Intelligent conversation is the best.

Anyway, I have been in a little bit of a slump lately. I felt like I had already read all the story lines, everything became so predictable, and honestly I was sick of starting a new book and having them all be about unhappy housewives. Okay maybe they aren't all about unhappy housewives, but there were a few in a row. So the past few months I have taken a little bit of a break from the actual reading part and instead have put a lot of thought into the books I wanted to read next. I am looking forward to all of these, and tried to give myself some variety as I thought about them all.

The Big Short by Michael Lewis

A book about the housing market bubble of 2007. Honestly, I knew I wanted to read it as soon as Brett told me about it.  This will be my first finance-related book, so this might be a slow read, but I fully expect to enjoy it anyway. I was warned there is language from some of the interviews, so reader beware. 

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin

This was a book club book that my group discussed in the first couple months after Corinne was born, so I never got around to reading it or discussing it. It was a popular choice from people I trust, so I am excited to give it a try. I have this one on hold for the audio book from the library right now. 

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

I've been intrigued by this book for a while now. It seems different from others that I have read and I love branching out like this. Its about art and high New York society, two worlds that I don't have any familiarity with, but the book was so popular that I have confidence that I will still be able to enjoy it. 

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

Yet another WWII historical fiction novel. I can't help it. I love them. I am also excited to read a story about the lives of two sisters since I read The Seamstress earlier this year. 

The Importance of Being Little by Erika Christakis

I saw this book on the Everyday Reading Instagram feed and decided that it was definitely one I needed to read. I studied Secondary Education, but as I am quickly becoming a mother to small children (funny how they are young before they are teenagers, right?) I decided this would be a good read for me. Development and growth for preschoolers is something I can definitely learn more about.

The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease

This would technically be a re-read. I received this book as a gift at my baby shower last fall and immediately started reading. I read it during our road trip to Thanksgiving and devoured every word. Although maybe too quickly because now I can't remember a lot of the details I kept telling myself "oh, remember that" since I was in the car. This is the kind of book I need to go through with a pen and treat like a textbook. I have always been a huge fan of reading with children and encouraging them to read and this book just put a lot of studies behind that idea. The first half is academic, the whys, hows, and goals of reading aloud to children. Then the second half is a large glossary of books appropriate for all ages. It really is fabulous and I am so glad I have it as a resource to reference for years to come.

So there they are, the six books I want to make sure I read this summer, although I am always hopping I have the time and energy for me. Suggestions are always welcome, what are some great ones for summer?

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