A Day in the Life

8:30:00 AM

3:00 am
Bottle feeding, because baby's control your life.

7:00 am

8:00 am
Rise and shine, baby girl!

8:30 am
Eat. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you know.

9:00 am
Corinne decided to take an early nap, so I got in some great eating and scripture study time.

9:30 am
Now we can be awake, happy, and dressed. Who knows how many outfit changes will happen in a day. 

10:00 am
Walk, walk, walk. This is one of my favorite parts of our day. Getting out of the house and walking with friends and other babies is the best. (Confession, this pic is from the next day, just because I forgot to take one. Blame the good conversation. But I really do love these each day.)

11:00 am
I have found it super helpful to just pick one nap and get all the housework done at once, then whenever she is playing or napping I can do what I want without having that terrible nagging feeling. 

12:00 pm
Lunch! I love prepping salads for a week. I will just use old jars to hold all the toppings and dressings. Then I just add the lettuce on the day of!

1:00 pm
I'm a mom. Its okay if I have to wait to get dressed until after lunch. Lets blame it on the yoga and walk.

2:00 pm
This girl is always so happy when she wakes up. Naps, mornings, doesn't matter. She's a happy girl. 

3:00 pm
I love watching her growing and exploring. She has been doing so much play on her sides, and has rolled a few times. It kills me. 

4:00 pm
Gotta go to Wal Mart. Every time I go I remember how much I hate it. I wish crazy people wouldn't hassle me. 

5:00 pm
More playing and growing! And smiling all the time!

6:00 pm
Corinne was talking her burp rags, specifically the tags, very seriously. 

7:00 pm
Walks with dad. He loves taking her on little adventures. He is totally smitten by her and its so cute. 

8:00 pm
Bed time. We end in the rocking chair where we started. 

8:30 pm
Showers. Oh the heavenly event that is a shower. Brett was awesome and made dinner while I showered.

9:30 pm
And of course you need to finish off the day with some Netflix, specifically The Office.

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