Fourth of July Dessert Inspiration

12:14:00 PM

The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Its in the summer,  its bbqs, fires, and is totally enjoyable without having to stress your brains out like Christmas. Its the perfect casual holiday!

Except for the year I spent a couple days making a cake. Yes, one cake. To be fair it was one of the first actual layer cakes I had made without being a little and "helping" my mom. It was a little over ambitious. But anyway, if that is up your ally, then great! I on the other hand still need some years to hone my homemaking skills.

Seriously, I would like to say it looked better than this, but it didn't. Too many layers Robyn, too many layers. Suggestion: Don't make the blue part layered. Just one nice donut is all you need. 
Right now we don't have any ambitious plans. We are planning on going to the church pancake breakfast then exploring Newport and Balboa. Fireworks are up in the air (pun unintended) and are totally reliant on how Baby Girl is doing that night. There is a show down the street from our house so if we go, we can always get home quickly. And sometime during the day, really all day, I plan on eating as many festive deserts as possible. Maybe I will tackle one of these less ambitious treats this year to help keep the laid-back summer holiday spirit.

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