Homemade Grout Cleaner that Works

8:30:00 AM

I tend to be a little skeptical of these miracle cleaning solutions that I see online. Unless someone I know has tried it, then I try to stick with things I know. However, our new house has tile counter tops and floors in several places and the grout was giving me nightmares. So before I went out and spent money on a cleaner I figured I'd actually try one from materials I had on hand. When I was getting everything together Brett had his doubts about whether it was going to be worth my time. After I was all done and everything had dried out his first words were "Oh! I didn't know that grout was supposed to be white!" So I think its safe to say that this cleaning process works!

All I needed was some bleach (I used this thicker splash-less kind) and baking soda. I also used a cheap toothbrush that I already had on hand, but a cleaning rag would work too.

Mix the bleach and baking soda into a paste with the consistency that you want to work with. Depending on how large of a bowl you mix together, you may have to add more bleach as the paste dries out.

From there it is as easy as scrubbing the paste into the grout you want to clean. Like I said, our grout was giving me anxiety so I really attacked it with that toothbrush. It was very satisfying to see that paste turning brown as I scrubbed, I knew it was working! The baking soda has the perfect texture to clean out all that nastiness.

Instead of wiping it clean right away, let the paste sit in order to allow the bleach to work even more. I let mine sit for about an hour (with windows open!) before coming back and rinsing it off.

The rinsing process was probably the one I spent the most time on, especially when I was working on the counter tops where we prepare food. I went over everything with a clean, wet rag a couple times making sure I got all the dried baking soda off the tile and out of the grout. From there I scrubbed the the whole area with a safe all purpose cleaner just to get it back to basics.

Like I said, it was great to see how well this worked, and unfortunately it worked so well that I have created a lot more work for myself because now I want to do it to the tile throughout our whole house. Hopefully I can have the motivation to get it all done before I get much more pregnant!

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