Labor Day Weekend 2016

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Labor Day Weekend is supposed to be a weekend where you take a day to rest and enjoy a final fling of summer. I love Labor Day because it tends to bring people together with nostalgia and excitement. The BBQs, the beach days, staying outside until bedtime because the weather is just that perfect temperature. Before I moved to California, Labor Day always came with the first smells and feelings of fall, one of my favorite times of the year.

This year we got to celebrate our Labor Day with a BBQ and church friends, I went to a movie with my book club even, but it was also a weekend full of tons of work. We moved into a new house!

Our apartment has been great to us. Its more space than we have ever had, our master bedroom never felt cluttered because there was actually room for our furniture, and we had two bathrooms. Some of the downsides come from general apartment living. Things like living on the second floor, having to battle for parking, the constant noise, lots of smoking, drunk parties, and unfortunately lots of cops visiting different neighbors. Not that all of our neighbors have these lifestyles, but it is a high concentration.

A few people at our church let us know that a different family was moving out of the house they were renting and that we should jump on the opportunity. We looked into it and it was one of those opportunities too good to pass up. Its a three bedroom house in a family friendly neighborhood that is made affordable because it has been split into two units. The doorway to the master bedroom has been closed off and the owner of the house actually lives in the "mother in law suite" created by the original master suite. He spends a lot of his time traveling and managing the other properties he owns so he won't be around often, but needs a home base that he can come back to. This means that we get the remaining two bedrooms along with the kitchen, living room, and yard for nearly the same rent we are paying for our apartment. And I seriously cannot wait to get settled and cozy in this new space.

We spent the weekend moving in boxes, cleaning and playing with furniture arrangements and even though it was hard work, it was so fun and exciting. Moving in at the start of fall gets me really excited for the holidays too. There is something about a new place to live combined with having an active little baby that makes me excited to decorate and make a home rather than just a temporary  pace to live. It will be a slow couple months building up to get everything settled, but I am looking forward to the process!

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