10 Favorite Fall and Holiday Traditions

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Oh fall, doesn't everyone love you? The start of fall marks the beginning of so much stuff coming around the corner with the holidays. Brett and I have been sitting down to work out our bucket list between now and the end of the year, but before we get that finalized I thought I would share some of my general favorite parts about this amazing season. 

Seeing the Leaves-before we moved to Orange County, I always lived somewhere where we could see the seasons change. This year we went up to the mountains and stayed in a cabin with some of our friends and it was great to take the drive and go on a walk with all our little girls to see and smell fall everywhere.

Shooting/Hunting-fall means hunting seasons in my family. I haven't been hunting in a few years with all of my moves and small budgets, but we always try to make the time for some practice shooting and/or camping.

sister competition ;)

Thanksgiving Games-one year my mom realized that after eating Thanksgiving dinner nobody really spent much time together. We would all spread throughout the house, reading a book, taking a nap, watching a movie, or whatever else we felt like and just hang out. So now, we all help put everything away as fast as we can and sit around the table to play games. Still sitting, most of the time still snacking, but we love the time we get to spend together.

Breathing the Cold Air-call me crazy, but it is a big deal to me when I step out of my house and feel the freezing air for the first time. I love it. It brings back so many emotions and memories. Talk to me in a month and I probably won't love it as much.

Watching Sports-I know for some fall sports begin with football, and while we still take the time to watch a few college games every once in a while, but we can't wait for the NBA to start and once it does you can pretty much count on us having a game on at least a couple times a week. We get really into it. And we suffer through being fans of the Portland Trailblazers, bless their team-rebuilding hearts.

November/December Movies-the movies that want to win an award start coming out soon. I love it. Don't get me wrong, I love a good blockbuster as much as anyone, but a good smart, critically acclaimed movie brings me joy. I like to end a movie feeling how I do after a good book, like I have been told an amazing story that I can get invested in.

Reading-Thanksgiving and Christmas break from school mean I set a goal to see how many books I can read. Last year I reread the final few Harry Potter books. The year before I cried over The Book Thief. We will see what happens this year.

Running Indoors-eventually it gets too cold and icy to run outside anymore so we head to the gym to use the treadmills. Those first few days are amazing, I feel like I can run forever! Then spring comes and we transition back to outdoor running and I remember that treadmills make it so much easier. But man, that first week is motivating. I won't be experiencing it much this year since I'm all pregnant, but it still is a fun memory and motivation for the future.

Getting Together with Friends: shifting to indoor activities means people start to socialize more intimately. I love having people over for dinner, going to an event, going to dinner, all those things that happen around the holidays when people feel sentimental.

Celebrating with Brett-both our birthdays and our anniversary fall between September and December. I like that all these events are spread pretty evenly over the time, especially when you throw in holidays, but I also like that it breeds four whole months of gratitude for each other.

So there it is, my list of 10 reasons why I love fall and the holidays. What are some of the things you would put on your list? Let me know, I am always open to adding great traditions and activities to my lists.

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