Easy DIY Halloween Decoration

8:39:00 AM

I have always loved dressing up for Halloween, but as far as decorations go, I have never gotten into it. Now that I have started a family and we are in a house with more space I am feeling this nesting urge to decorate and celebrate every holiday, even the ones that I have not previously loved.
These painted blocks in honor for Halloween were an easy transition. They were inexpensive, quick, and simple to make with just a few materials needed. Since there were just a few materials, and you even only needed a little of each, I recommend getting together with some friends and sharing. That's what I did, and it was perfect.

  • 1x4 length of wood cut into whatever lengths you want. (Mine are 6" tall)
  • *optional* scrap sandpaper someone may have, just in case you have a rough edge somewhere
  • Green, white, and orange craft paint
  • Foam paintbrushes
  • Thick black permanent marker
  • Thin black permanent marker
As far as assembly goes, it was as simple as painting the blocks, waiting for them to dry, then adding the details with the markers. Initially I tried using black paint, but I just couldn't be as precise as I wanted so after the Frankenstein's Monster I moved on to straight marker, and I wish I would have just done that from the beginning. The only other time I used paint for detail was the whites of the monster's eyes. 

These blocks are the perfect size to add to our new fireplace mantle. And it makes me feel like I at least decorated for Halloween to some level. Maybe over the next few years I will expand my Halloween decor one piece at a time.

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