26 Weeks Pregnant: Thoughts and Feelings

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I can’t believe I am 26 weeks (or 6.5 months) along in this pregnancy. Since announcing we were pregnant and that it was a boy I haven’t done any sort of pregnancy update because it has been such a whirlwind. The other day I was talking to Brett about how fast this pregnancy is going and I realized that I hadn’t really done much of anything to document it. Taking care of Corinne has been at the forefront of my mind. And not to sound sad (because I’m not!) it’s hard to get excited about the act of pregnancy when you just finished going through it once and you remember how hard it really is! Ha! But really, we are so excited to add this little boy to our family in a just a few short months! There is so much to do and so much to think about between now and then and I need to take the time to document, remember, and give this pregnancy the attention it deserves!

So without further ado, here is a pregnancy update from this baby boy! (List idea taken from my friend Elisabeth).

Due Date: February 19, 2017 (just one year and 18 days after Corinne!)

Gender: Boy!

Favorite Moments: Feeling this baby kick really early and knowing that is what I was feeling! I felt the first kicks at about 16-17 weeks which seemed really early so I didn’t say anything until my next checkup. My doctor said it was normal because of how the baby was situated and it was fun to be right about that. Also, this baby isn’t all up in my rib cage like his sister was so the kicks aren’t hurting as bad.

Eating: Everything except marinara sauce. I’ve only thrown up twice, but both times have been after eating some sort of dish with tomato sauce. Everything else is up for grabs though, especially the pebble ice!

Feeling: Excited. Anxious. Slightly Overwhelmed. Nesting. Having babies this close together is a little intimidating, but I am honestly so excited to add another child to our family. Knowing how much joy Corinne brought to us and that it will happen all over again is so exciting! I can’t wait until he joins our family and we can just be the four of us. 

Names: We both really like traditional names and names that nod to family members (but aren’t exact copies). We have our short list of names done, but will wait until he is born to officially decide on a name. Although if you were to twist my arm there is one that I come back to pretty consistently, so stay tuned!

Craving: Junk and ice. Seriously I don’t think I have ever wanted fast food as much as I do this time. Last time all I wanted to eat was chicken and a thousand veggies, but now the more salt and artificial preservatives the better. Not that I always let it happen, but it always sounds good.

Weight Gain: Better than I expected actually. I was worried that having pregnancies so close would just double how much I gained, but I have been able to hold out at a normal weight for a while. The baby is still growing healthy and strong, but I didn’t have to gain much weight so far because I never lost it in the first place! Although to be fair, all my weight gain last time was in the last two months so I might be just coming into it.
If I can't see my feet at least I get to see this smiling face!
Aches or Pains: Right now just my back and that’s pretty normal. And pretty constant.

Maternity Clothes: Oh dear yes. I swear I started showing so early that I actually had a couple people as me or family members if I was pregnant again before I even had time to announce. That belly just popped right back out. There are a few pairs of yoga pants or stretchy sheath dresses that I can still wear, but for the most part it’s all maternity.

My Mood: Swinging. Ha! I go back and forth between that glowing pregnancy excitement and the sheer weight of the fact that I will soon have two children that are both babies. I think the best summation would be that I have this deep sense of urgency. Urgency to be prepared, urgency to have this boy join our family so we can all enjoy him together, urgency to pass the newborn stage.

Exercise: Oh man, not good. I have had a few physical issues completely independent from pregnancy that have kept me from doing much the last 4-6 weeks. Before that I was going on long walks (2-3 miles) and doing prenatal yoga pretty consistently but pretty much had to stop cold turkey for a while. But everything got taken care of last week and I have been starting it all up again. Not being physically active was definitely beginning to wear on me mentally as well.

Excited About: Other than what I have already mentioned, I am excited to nest! I’ve been feeling nesting/preparation urges since day one and now we are getting close enough that I can start to act! We found out I was pregnant right as we were making the arrangements to move into this house, so I never really put Corinne’s room together because I knew I’d have to update some things in just a few months. But the time has come!

It feels good to get this all down! While I don’t plan on doing a lot of posts like this I am doing at least one more. What are things you want to know? Or what is some advice you can give me to prepare for having two young kids? I am all ears!

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