Holiday Shopping Guide for Men

8:00:00 AM

And now its time for the men! The men in my life have always been the most difficult to shop for, but I think part of that is that Brett, my dad, and my father-in-law always want things that are a gift, but never impractical. So then I start to stress about it! Well this year I decided to start brainstorming early so that I can get it all taken care of without the normal stress.

  1. Water bottle: We love these, they are the perfect size. 
  2. Grilling Set: Ever since we got a house with a built in grill, Brett has looked for every chance to grill, so I think its time for us to have a grilling set. 
  3. Fleece Jacket: These are his favorites! Seriously every couple years he gets another one because he wears them so often. 
  4. Game Tickets: Sneaking out to a date night at a sporting event is fun, or going with buddies. Either way, its a fun present. 
  5. Personalized Key Chain: Brett became really sentimental once Corinne was born and I love the idea of adding each child's initial as we finish having our family. 
  6. Movie Tickets: Again, date night or guys night. Even better if you let them pick the movie, too!
  7. Dress Socks: Do men ever have enough dress socks? I feel like Brett goes through them so fast!
  8. Travel Case: This is something that's a good practical gift, especially if they've been using the same one for years and while it still works, may be a little worn.
  9. Ring/Watch Bowl: Something simple where he can put his ring and watch at night. 
  10. Casual Watch: He got a fancy watch a few years ago for finishing his master's program, but now I've noticed hes been on the lookout for something more casual to wear every day.
  11. Wallet: Again, something that might be working fine, but can get worn out after a few years. 
  12. News Subscription: With so many ways to get news these days, one thing Brett has specifically mentioned is wanting a news subscription to a reputable organization. Something I can totally understand!

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