Holiday Shopping Guide for Moms

8:00:00 AM

Maybe it's a little selfish to create your gift guide based off of things you either want or love, but that's what I did! It also means that most of these things are pretty affordable or at least plausible to those of us on holiday budgets. So enjoy and shop away!

  1. Water bottle: Seriously this is my favorite one. Its big enough to actually last through all of our errands, but its not so big its heavy. We have like 3 or 4 that are constantly floating around our house. 
  2. Name/Initial Necklace: I love the way that this one gives the chance to have my initial with my husband's as well as our kids. You could put full names, initials, split boys and girls, lots of combinations to get the whole family on there. 
  3. Slippers: And slippers with a back are even better. So they take an extra half second to slip on, at least they stay on after that right?
  4. Spa Set: There are lots of options out there, so shop around if you want. I like ones that don't make me feel like I just walked through Bath and Body Works, but that still let me get relaxed and feel special.
  5. Backpack Diaper Bag: I don't know why I didn't get one in the first place. Pretty self explanatory.
  6. Jewelry Dish: Right now I just use a little dish from the kitchen section to put my rings, watch, and regular ear rings in when I go to bed, but I love that this one has a pretty gold lid.
  7. Nail Polish Set: This large set isn't a fancy brand, but for just over $20 it has colors that work in every season!
  8. Cosmetic Gift Card: Everyone has their favorite brands and systems, so when I want to gift something beauty related I usually opt for the gift card so they can get the specific one they want. 
  9. New Pajama Set: Especially for those moms with young kids and babies. When you are up so often in the night or early in the morning, anything can help you feel better.
  10. Planner: This Get To Work Book is my dream planner. It's a little outside my planner budget usually, but that that doesn't stop me from telling everyone about it, or its creator Elise
  11. Comfy Sweater: I love that this one could be worn nearly year round, and the petal cut of the sides looks so comfy and easy to move in.
  12. Favorite Treat: Maybe this is a no-brainer, but sometimes a favorite chocolate is a huge hit. For me, its these fantastic almonds that are covered in coconut, then chocolate. If you haven't tried them yet you definitely should. 
Happy shopping! What else would you add to your go-to list of gifts for your mom, wife, sister?

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