November 2016 Books

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After my embarrassing reading effort this summer, I have been working my way back into reading as much as I used to. It's definitely something that I have tried not to put a lot of pressure on myself about. I've been doing a lot of browsing and sort of making a mental list of what I want to read and how I want to tie that into some of my goals for next year. So November's reading has been mostly pleasure reading on a whim, children's books, and scriptures. 

Blown Away (Rob Biddulph)

SummaryThis picture book follows Penguin Blue as he takes a surprise and accidental flight on the end of a kite string. As he is blown away across familiar landscape he picks up some other cold weather friends along the way. After flying across the ocean the five friends decide to finally let go of the kite when the see the soft green tree-tops of a tropical island. The group takes time to wonder at the warm temperature and beautiful green landscape before they realize they miss home and Penguin Blue finds a creative solution to get them back, with an extra stow-away. Once safe and sound in his own snowy home, Penguin Blue reflects on his eventful day and decides that he is meant to stay right there on the ice.

My Thoughts: Rob Biddulph does a great job melting illustrations, humor, and rhythm together to create a picture book that is enjoyable for many age ranges. Playing on the idea that penguins are flightless birds, Biddulph explores what could happen if a penguin did find a way to fly away to somewhere new, allowing children to engage their imaginations. The bright and fun illustrations support the story, but also provide a side story of a tropical stow-away for older children who are willing to pay attention.

Rating: 4 out of 5

First 100 Words (Roger Priddy)

Summary: This board books is brightly colored with real pictures of 100 different objects, people, emotions, things, and animals that would be easily recognizable to a young child. Each picture is labeled and each two page spread has a different theme, such as mealtime, pets, clothes, and colors. 

My Thoughts: This book has been a life saver for me now that Corinne has gotten so busy. From day one she has loved playing with her books (which seriously melts my heart), but now that she has so many teeth she has been destroying the ones that are just boards. This book has a soft and squishy cover that those gnarly baby teeth can't destroy! Its also been perfect as a book to throw in the diaper bag when we go places because she is starting to get to the age of pointing at the pictures. So if we are somewhere like church she can hold it and look through it and I can still pay attention to what is going on around me while I point out the occasional word with her. 

Rating: 5 out of 5

Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling)

Every few years I get the urge to go back and read some of these books, usually its not all of them, but just a specific one. About 3 years ago I read the last two books. But then Brett, half as a joke because he knew it was way over her head, downloaded Sorcerer's Stone to his phone and started reading a few pages aloud while we fed Corinne at night. It hit me in just those first two chapters how many of the details I had truly forgotten and how it had been years since I'd read any of the early books. So naturally now that we have opened that can of worms I am going through those again. It's been so much fun. I'm thinking of taking advantage of the holidays and an excuse to get nostalgic and just knock them all out. The first two are done, but now I have to be the crazy lady that puts them all on hold at the library. Ha! We will see. When I finish I will probably do a post just on those, but wanted to throw it out that I did read two books for me this month. 

Possible for Next Month:
Death Coming Up the Hill (Chris Crowe)
Eve and the Choice Made in Eden (Beverly Campbell)

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