December 2016 Bucket List

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Our November Bucket List went okay, but not as well as we expected. Funny how injuries and catching the flu will really interrupt your plans. However, November was still such a great month where we did more than usual, and I totally think it is because I wrote down some of the activities ahead of time. So I'm going to keep this going for a while! Without further ado, December's Bucket List-

Decorate (Tree and House): We are picking up a tree on Saturday and I can't wait! I spent November slowly buying and creating some Christmas decorations and its all prepped and ready to go up over the weekend.
Send Christmas Cards: As much as I loved the pictures we took in June, I found out I was pregnant again (and now look it), and Corinne has grown up so much that I wanted to take new ones. They turned out wonderfully and I have already sneak-peaked a few of them, but have been waiting to post until they could get in the mail. I don't want to ruin the surprise!
Christmas PJs: Brett and I did this for the first time last year and it was so fun! It was just a couple days before Christmas so some men's pants were on super sale. Since I was so pregnant they were perfect for me too and we matched the rest of our vacation. Now that Corinne is here I can't wait to add her in!
Service Project: I love this part of the Holidays. People are so much more willing to look outside themselves and help others have an enjoyable season. I am really loving the Light the World campaign that even offers ideas of how to serve for the 25 days of Christmas and be more Christlike.
Tour Christmas Lights: Since we are staying home this year we are excited to tour our area and see all the holiday displays that we missed last year. I just learned of one down on a nearby harbor and I can't wait to check it out.
Christmas Cookies: What's not to love about Christmas cookies? I'm thinking of having some mom friends over, cooking ahead of time, and just having fun time frosting and chatting.
Christmas Movies: Lee family Christmas movies of choice-Elf, Just Friends, Die Hard, Its a Wonderful Life, The Grinch, Christmas Vacation, and sometimes Gremlins. We are classy like that.
Visit LA: Other than some dedicated trips to the fabric district of downtown, we have yet to go to LA since we moved here. Brett is going to take a day or two off before Christmas so we can have the time to go do the tourist things! Ideas and suggestions welcome.
Beach Fire: One of my favorite activities at any time of the year, but now that it is finally getting cold(er) at night I would love to roast marshmallows and drink cocoa.
Read a Book: I just have to put this on here so I can keep myself accountable while I try to get back in the habit. :)

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