DIY Christmas: Salt Clay Ornaments

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Since this is our first Christmas at home we are going to be home we have made an effort to decorate better than we have in the past. Of course I have an idea in my head of what I want our house to look like for the whole month of December. And of course, because its the first year and I'm in full nesting mode with this pregnancy it was a little extravagant and unobtainable in one year, ha! One thing I knew I could stick to is a color scheme and I settled on neutrals, greens, and metallic. I just keep hearing the snowman from Rudolph singing "silver and gold" in my head. 

We stumbled upon a few containers of silver, gold, and bronze ball ornaments at Ross a few weeks ago so I just had to tie in some neutrals. After lots of searching through Pinterest for ideas I decided to go back to childhood and make some simple ornaments out of salt clay. 

There are tons of different recipes online for salt clay, but I settled on this one from Domestically Blissful due to the extra trick of adding white paint to help the clay have a nice white color. And I found success! I made half the recipe and had plenty of clay to make these medium star ornaments and some small stars for a simple fireplace garland. 

White Paint
Cookie Cutter/Glass
Glue (optional for garland)

After mixing the dough together in the proportions from the recipe I rolled it out pretty thin. This was for two reasons. First, I wanted them to dry out faster (I even threw them in the oven to help speed it up even more), and second was that I didn't want them to be too heavy, especially the ones I was going to use as a garland. 

From there it was just like making cookies, rolling it out, cutting the shapes, making another ball, and starting the process over again. For the ornaments, make sure you also use the straw to create a hole to put the string through! You could always glue it to the back if you want, but I didn't want to fix the glue every year. 

From there it was just a matter of letting them dry and attaching the string. I made the pieces for the garland small enough that I could just lay the string on the back and attach it with glue. It probably won't last in perfect condition after this year, but that's okay.

I can't wait to work on putting this all together, playing Christmas music and drinking cocoa with my little family! and hanging that garland behind the new stockings we got this year, including the two little adorable baby sized ones, will just be so wonderful. 

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