2016 Family Pictures

9:00:00 AM

I know it is already 2017 now, but I wanted to wait to post these pictures until after we sent our cards so we wouldn't spoil the surprise. Although if I was to be honest, I have been sneaking them into things since we had them done in November. I love how they turned out this year, especially the location we finally picked. In true wife/mom fashion I stressed way too much about where to take these pictures and finally decided on an overlook above the ocean instead of on the beach like last year. I also want to give a huge shout out to our friend Thane who took pictures for us. I love being such good friends with a professional photographer!

This session churned out some of my very favorite pictures of Corinne. She was in such a good mood the whole time and I love seeing her little face as part of our family. And the one's of her and Brett? Those are just the best of the whole batch. 

So long 2016! You were pretty wonderful for us and I can't wait to see our family on the other end of 2017.

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