36 Week Pregnancy Update

8:30:00 AM

One month people. One. Month. Its now the final countdown and the next few weeks are going to be filled with baby showers, prepping, cooking and freezing, family, and excitement. I can't wait to live through this next month and look back at this time. But for now there is no baby or shower so I', here with another pregnancy update (idea courtesy of my friend Elisabeth).

Due Date: February 19, 2017 (just one year and 18 days after Corinne!)

Gender: Boy! 

Favorite Moments: Realizing that we are only a month away from meeting this little guy! And going to buy a little outfit to bring him home in. That has been one of my favorite parts of preparing for both my babies. 

Eating: Everything. Pretty much everything sounds good these days. Since I cut way back on the sugar like I talked about last month I have not had near as many problems with heartburn. I do still love the salty foods though. I realized it might be a problem when after a hard day Brett came home with french fries as a treat for me. So there is that. 

Feeling: Excited. Nervous. Overwhelmed. Unprepared. Sooooo pregnant. Your usual last month pregnancy feelings.   

Names: This has been so hard. There are so many names that we like, but they all have a reason that I don't want to actually use it to name my child. Eventually I am just going to have to start being rational and realize that there is no "perfect" name, but for now, its a daily conversation and just when we think we narrow it down, the list gets longer again. 

Craving: All food. In a weird shift from last months salt and grease I've been craving water and cucumbers this week.   

Weight Gain: Yep. And I know I'm pregnant for with my second baby in two years. And I know I'm being irrational and emotional about it, but I can't wait to get the health clear after he is born to start getting to a body I recognize. Part of this has to do with how different the pain has been this pregnancy which brings us to...

Aches or Pains: ...the fact that I hurt so much more than with my first baby. Since the pregnancies were so close together my body is still (TMI!) stretched out instead of recovered so this baby sits really low in my hips instead of up in my ribs like his sister did. That combined with the Braxton Hicks means I am having pinched nerves, a sore tailbone, sore back, or contractions at pretty much any given point. Gone are the long pregnancy walks I used to go on. Now I'm just proud if I can make a full Saturday of errands without wanting to collapse in bed.

Maternity Clothes: Always. Luckily its been raining here lately so I can get away with a lot of sweaters, leggings, and boots. 

My Mood: Pretty stable but I'm noticing that I get frustrated really easily. I think it has to do with just being more tired. Everyone gets a little cranky if they get tired, right? 

Exercise: See note in "aches or pains", haha! 

Excited About: Getting an epidural! Really tho. But I am also excited about what life will look like when we get home from the hospital. I'm excited to see what our live looks like when we get into a little groove with our newborn and one year old. And I'm so excited for newborn cuddles and smell. Basically I'm looking forward to living our new life. 

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  1. I'm excited too!!!! And I'm totally not sick anymore so hopefully I meet Little Mister Lee sooner than I did Corinne!