Corinne at 11 Months

9:00:00 AM

This month was a little bit of a rough one for Corinne, but we made it through! I guess that is what happens when your family moves to a new house, you get 4 new teeth, your first ear infection, and a nasty cold. But it was also a fun one! We celebrated Christmas, partied with family and friends, and she has learned how to play even more.

I'm not worried anymore that she will be walking before I have another baby to carry. She zooms along all the furniture, walks with us only holding one of her hands, and her favorite game right now is to stand up in the middle of the floor, make eye contact, then fall over laughing. Over and over and over. She's so proud of herself and gets more adventurous every day.

She also has some pretty strong opinions. Especially in regards to how quickly she is fed. If she is in the high chair and there isn't food there for her to eat, you better be prepared for the demanding baby barks. She is in control and she totally knows it. That view in the collage above of her sitting in the high chair like she is the queen is a daily occurrence. Although now that she eats what we eat instead of baby food, it has gotten a lot more fun and easier to feed her.

As always, Corinne has the best hair in the house. I look forward to seeing what kind of crazy bedhead we are greeted with every morning. No matter what I do to comb it, it always is coming forward in some way. Although Brett's hair does that too, so I shouldn't really be that surprised.

She's fallen in love with gazing out the windows. Especially if it's raining. She will stand up, put her little hands out and then making "oooooh" noises while she watches the rain. I love it and never stop her.

Playing "Chase" gets her in a fit of giggles every time. She crawls and laughs, then looks back to make sure you are still following before taking of to a different side of the room again. Its probably my favorite thing she does right now.

And then of course there was Christmas. She is too young to know what is going on, but she definitely knew that it was something. We hid the tree between the couch and the armchair so she couldn't get to it, but that didn't stop her from trying. In the last days before Christmas her favorite thing to play with was the empty tube from the wrapping paper, hitting its maximum fun on Christmas Day when she was sitting on the couch whacking the heck out of the tree with it. She also definitely got the most presents, and how could she not, everyone loves her!

I can't believe that in just one month our baby will be a year old! The last year has just flown by, and there have been so many changes week to week. And I guess I need to start planning a party!

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