Nesting in a New House

8:30:00 AM

Remember back in September when I said that we had moved into a house and how excited we were to be settled there? Well just before Christmas we moved back out again.

We were sad to leave that neighborhood, especially since the park was just a few houses down, but things there were not working out well. The house was falling apart, the neighbor we had in the mother-in-law apartment was quite sketchy (she even almost burned the house down in the middle of the night once!), and the landlord wasn't willing to interfere with anything. So just a few weeks after we moved in we decided that we would keep our eyes open for if housing prices dropped and we were able to move somewhere else.

And it happened! So here we are, just one neighborhood over with a house all to ourselves! While I may have to drive my car to the park now, its still a wonderful neighborhood where several of our friends live. Our neighbors have been delightful so far (on one side they have children one year apart, too!) And most importantly the feelings of constant anxiety are gone and we can be comfortable in our home.

It's also a fun little upgrade to have a third bedroom! Since the babies are both still babies but in totally different stages we have decided to give them each their own room for now. Hopefully that will allow Corinne to continue to sleep through the night as we go through the newborn phase with her little brother. Then in a few years when baby #3 comes along we can put the older two together, or separate genders. We have options! It's also nice that we still have space in either room to set up guests if we need by easily setting up the travel crib in our room (something we couldn't do in the old place).

For the last month we have been scrambling through the holidays trying to make sure we gave the holidays what they deserve, while also getting this house all set up and organized before the new baby gets here. It has been a big, yet enjoyable task, especially because I have been in nesting/prepping mode anyway. Putting together two little kids rooms is just what my pregnant mind needed.

Kid's bedroom #1

Kid's Bedroom #2

Master bedroom, bathroom, and HUGE walk-in closet. I'm obsessed.

Kitchen -  I love how light the colors are and how  many windows we have here.

This fireplace is actually the same one as in the kitchen, which is so fun. 

Some key things I love about this new house so far:
  • How light everything is! The fresh paint, fresh carpet, everything.
  • Windows everywhere. There is not a single room that doesn't have at least one window, even the bathrooms!
  • All the bedrooms are on the same floor
  • The garage! I've never really parked in a garage before and it may be silly but I feel so grown up.
  • Totally fenced in yard
  • Space on the main floor for kids to run around and play
We are still waiting on a couple more things to fall into place, but I do plan on sharing a little home tour sometime in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! 

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